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dau's Journal

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My Laws

I - Any crime against Nature MUST be punished with death.
II - Any crime against helpless humans MUST be punished with death.
III - Hunting for survival is not to be considered crime, unlike torture and hunting for sport and killing for furs.
IV - Each society and cult should be understood and accepted, UNLESS they are against Nature or helpless humans.
V - Each child that is born should be taught how to live and accept other societies and cults. Failure to do this should be attempted once more to teach those values. If the child is capable of committing crimes stated in I and II, it should be consider a non-human and non-animal subject from that time on.
VI - Detained subjects sentenced for any crimes commited should be not locked in prisons, but forced to earn their bread and water by daily working for the attempt of reedeeming the erroneous doings made. Crimes against Nature are never to be forgiven nor forgotten, they are life sentences.
VII - When entering a society that one doesn't know, one WILL behave as expected for that society or be acused of crime against it.
VIII - Respect your elders. Respect both mother and father that nurish a child. Respect Nature.
IX - Teach and be taught.